Bird's Eye Aquarium

Table Aquarium with a Clear Top View

"Fish Tank Allowing Aquarium Fish To Be Viewed Clearly From The Top"

Patents Obtained in the World

Fish cannot be viewed clearly from the top of a traditional fish tank
due to the existence of water ripples.
Bird’s Eye Aquarium makes use of the overflow system
to receive water in the gutter surrounding the upper part of the viewing tank.
Placing a glass plate on top results in a close contact to the water surface.
A prolong crystal clear top view of the inhabitants inside is formed.

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Efficient and Productive Filtration

Beloved by Aquariums

Transforming the dead space under the table into a filter space
with a volume comparable to the viewing tank
allows more bacteria to attach to it and purify the water.
Less water change is required, so is the management work.
The top glass plate and the lid of the filter space can be removed
to perform daily aquarium maintenance easily.

All-in-One Aquarium

Furniture for Showing Off

This table houses aquarium accessories and wires,
and is carefully hand-finished with high quality materials.
Usually, people do not take notice of a table.
But in this table, an unprecedented healing space is created.
You are proud to show it to your family, friends and customers
and enjoy the precious moment together.

Safety-Friendly Furniture for Everyone

Carefree to Let Children to Explore

There is always a safety concern using glass fish tanks.
Being made of acrylic, this aquarium is durable and hard to break.
It can be used as a table in your daily life
and facilitate children emotional learning.

Keeping Freshwater Fish or Marine Fish

Easy Even for Beginners

Usually, integrate fish tanks are used to keep freshwater fish only.
In Bird’s Eye Aquarium, thanks to the mechanism of overflow system,
even marine fish which are sensitive to changes in water quality can be kept.
With basic built-in equipment, everyone can get started easily
without the need to add special equipment.
Suitable for beginners.

Providing Both Standard and Customized Products

A Unique Item of Your Own

Being developed and manufactured in our own factory in Japan,
we accept customized and personalised orders
with size, color and form as you wish.
Options are also available for standard products.
It is an ideal item just for you.

You can count on us!

Fluttering beyond the bewitching starry sky.
Fluttering beyond the bewitching starry sky.
A ceaseless gush of dreams of the future.
Morning fog rolls off a transquil lake.
A drop of water moistens the forest and nurtures life.

Frequently Asked Question about Bird's Eye Aquarium

Table aquarium is not something new. How do you differentiate your product with others?

Table aquariums made by other companies cannot be seen clearly from above. The existence of air layer allows water to splash while fish may pop out too. Besides, the filtration capacity is not sufficient and the maintainability is not good. On the other hand, Bird's Eye Aquarium is patented for the method of obtaining a crystal clear top view. We have put a lot of effort in development and design, pursuing a product of functionality and beauty, while keeping the structure simple.

Bird’s Eye Aquarium appears to be sealed. Will fish be deficient in oxygen?

The viewing tank that can be seen clearly from the top appears to be sealed, but when water flows to the filter space, it will come into contact with the air, so oxygen is sufficiently supplied.

Fish get stressed easily. Is their health condition okay?

If you hit the aquarium hard, fish may be scared, but they do not particularly get frightened when you are just using the table normally. Rather, they will get used to your existence in a close distance, and started to look up and observe you.

Where should I install Bird's Eye Aquarium?

As Bird’s Eye Aquarium is to be used as a table, so why not putting it in the center of the room? Besides, similar to an ordinary fish tank, do not expose it to direct sunlight, cool air from the air conditioner or hot air from the heater. Also, do not place it next to electrical appliances that are sensitive to water such as television or computer. To obtain a crystal clear top view, you need a flat floor. If it is difficult to adjust the level of the floor, insert spacer to adjust the level of the aquarium. If renovation will occur, it is better to add a power socket at the place where you will install Bird's Eye Aquarium, but if you have already moved in and it is difficult to do the renovation, we recommend you to extend the cable to the underneath of the sofa next to it while using a cable mall to cover the exposed part of the cable.

It is emphasized that the filtration capacity is high. Does it mean that maintenance is not needed?

Bird’s Eye Aquarium makes the best use of the dead space under the table to increase the filtration capacity to a level that is much better than an ordinary aquarium. However, in order to keep fish, basic maintenance is indispensable. If you do not want to spend time in it, you could simply use our aquarium maintenance service if you are located in East Yamanashi, or the service of our nominated aquarium maintenance partners in other parts of Japan and all over the world.

What filter media should I use?


Coral sand is good for marine fish and African Chichlids. Kouroka Lava sand, river sand and soil are good for freshwater fish.

Where should I put the filter media?

Laying Kouroka Lava sand, river sand, soil, coral sand or other bottom sand on the bottom surface of the viewing tank are highly recommended because they serve as a filter. The filter space of Bird's Eye Aquarium is divided into several compartments. Aquarium water in the viewing tank flows to the filter space via the piping system, so in the first compartment, wool mat should be added to filter the leftover food and fish poop. This also reduces the sound made by the overflowing water. In the middle compartments, filter media like lava gravel / sand or coral gravel / sand should be placed to perform high-level water purification. Please add activated carbon if necessary. It is highly recommended to put these filter media into a mesh bag before putting them into the filter space because it will cause less troubles when you have to take them out. However, packing the filtration media tight will slow down the water circulation. Filter media should be put slightly above the water surface to ensure the actual occurrence of the purification process.

Please tell me how to maintain the tank regularly.

It takes time to let beneficial bacteria to reproduce themselves, so you have to spend a period of time to circulate the water before putting fish in. After you have done so, you may also want to add fish, shrimp and shellfish that will do the cleaning work of removing algae and uneaten fish food, or eating parasites on the fish body of to ease your maintenance work. Besides, please note that adding fish too rapidly or making the tank overcrowded will cause algae to grow easily, causing a sharp deterioration of the water quality. Daily fish keeping processes like feeding and adding water are the same as that of an ordinary tank.

Please tell me how to feed fish.

There are two ways. You can either lift the top glass plate and feed directly into the viewing tank or open the lid of the filter space and feed in a way that the water pump will suck and send the fish food to the viewing tank. If you choose to use the method of feeding directly to the viewing tank, depending on the fish species, fish may pop out, so you should stop the water pump before lifting up the top glass plate. Also, if you drop the fish food near the overflow pipe, it may fall into the filter space together with the backflowing water, so you should immerse it into the water before releasing it from your hand or dropping it to a place further away. If you use the method of feeding in the filter space, open the lid of the compartment where the water pump is located and put the fish food in a way that it can be sucked and sent to the viewing tank via the piping system. As had in an ordinary overflow aquarium, fish food will be spread inside the tank while fish could be fed evenly, so it is a good method. Besides, if auto feeder is added as an option, we will supply you with another lid such that when an auto feeder is attached on it, fish food can be dropped onto the water automatically. Feeding becomes more convenient. However, if the fish food is not sucked by the water pump, it will remain in the filter space and become spoiled, so please make sure that fish food is not left in the filter space during maintenance.

Please tell me how to refill water.

There are two ways. You can either lift the top glass plate and refill directly into the viewing tank or open the lid of the filter space and add into it. If you choose to use the method of refilling directly into the viewing tank, it is better to put a sheet on top of the layout to prevent it from collapsing. Depending on the fish species, fish may pop out, so you should stop the water pump before lifting up the top glass plate. If you use the method of refilling into the filter space, please make sure that the water level does not go over the water level label, which is around 4cm below the ceiling of the filter space. If you add too much water, once the water pump stops, the aquarium water in the viewing tank will flow back to the filter space below, leading to the possibility of overflow and making the floor wet. Tap water is good enough. If you feel uncomfortable with chlorine, you can keep the tap water into a container one night before, while using an air pump to trigger chlorine volatilization. In the case of marine aquarium, only water is evaporated while the amount of salt does not change, so please add only water in it. However, it is always a good practice to measure the salinity before and after.

Is it okay if I do not refill water?

It is better to add tap water regularly to replenish the nutrients for fish. Besides, water in the filter space is getting less gradually due to evaporation and this decreases the filtration capacity. If you add too much water at once, the water quality will change drastically, especially in the case of marine water. Having the water pump or heater exposed to the air may cause fire. Therefore, please refill water up to 4cm at most once every two weeks.

Is it okay if I do not close the lid of the filter space?

Closing the filter space will reduce the water evaporation rate greatly, so please remember to put the lids on the filter space.

What should I do when my fish died?

Lift the top glass plate and scoop the dead fish with a net. At the time, depending on the fish species, live fish may pop out, so you should stop the water pump before lifting up the top glass plate.

I'm considering introducing Bird's Eye Aquarium to my restaurant, but is it fragile?

In general, people could judge instantly whether a thing is fragile or not, so in most cases, even customers who use Bird's Eye Aquarium for the first time will not handle it roughly. The sheet attached around the top glass plate keeps it safe because it prevents the glass from scattering in case of damage.

I cannot see clearly from above. Is there any problem?

If the electrical wires are firmly connected, here are the possibilities:

  • The top glass plate is not in the right position. Please check.
  • The output of the water pump may be at the "weak" position. Please adjust the lever and see if the condition is improved. Maybe there are some problems with the water pump like it is getting weaker due to deterioration or sand is being caught inside. In this case, please follow the instruction manual of the water pump for troubleshooting.
  • The pipes may be disconnected. Please check and connect them firmly.
  • The floor may not be level. A slight tolerance of horizontal level is allowed, but whenever necessary, use spacers to make fine adjustment.

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So I made one in a form of a table and placed it in the middle of my room.
This business was born from such an idea."

We have gone through a lot of trial and error in developing this Bird's Eye Aquarium,
and finally we managed to obtain patent only only in Japan,
but various countries in the world including China, the U.S. and Europe.

However, our development didn't end there.
We are not satisfied and are evolving it further.

Bird's Eye Aquarium is a business that no one has done before.
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