Bird's Eye Aquarium

A superb space like never before!
Breaking the tradition of aquarium and interior design.

Crystal Clear Top View

Patent obtained all over the world.
The one and only luxury table in the world.

Beauty and Functionality

Beloved by aquariums.
Table aquarium with excellent filtration capacity.

Customization Possible

Standard and customized!
Bird’s Eye Aquarium of your own.

Fluttering beyond the bewitching starry sky.
Fluttering beyond the bewitching starry sky.
A ceaseless gush of dreams of the future.
Morning fog rolls off a transquil lake.
A drop of water moistens the forest and nurtures life.

ER68 Earthquake-Resistant Aquarium

Fish tanks entering the era of earthquake resistance
Earthquake Countermeasures for Aquariums


Self-Chasing Camera Shoulder Mount
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Spring Inc.

"I wanted to keep fish, but I was wondering where to put the aquarium.
So I made one in a form of a table and placed it in the middle of my room.
This business was born from such an idea."

We have gone through a lot of trial and error in developing this Bird's Eye Aquarium,
and finally we managed to obtain patent only only in Japan,
but various countries in the world including China, the U.S. and Europe.

However, our development didn't end there.
We are not satisfied and are evolving it further.

Bird's Eye Aquarium is a business that no one has done before.
If you have any opinions and requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.

421 Hatagura, Nigioka, Otsuki-shi, Yamanashi, JAPAN 401-0001

Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00 (excl. public holidays)


Spring Inc.

421 Hatagura, Nigioka, Otsuki-shi, Yamanashi, JAPAN 401-0001 TEL: +81-554-56-7855

Rewarding Aquarium Tickets at Kickstarter

8th November 2019 | Product Release
As a start of our Kickstarter program, we are rewarding backers who have funded us over Kickstarter for our development of the latest model of Bird’s Eye Aquarium — FUJI Table with aquarium admission tickets sponsored by each aquarium. Limited and available on a first come first served basis!

The First Challenge of the New Model of Bird’s Eye Aquarium at Kickstarter this Month

15th November 2019 | Product Release
In order to let people all over the world experience the beauty of the underwater world and rasie the awareness of environment protection, we are launching a crowdfunding programme at Kickstarter from November to December for the latest model of Bird’s Eye Aquarium — FUJI Table (SFJ). Please support us!

Spring Inc.

Spring Inc.

We are an innovator of aquarium, manufacturing acrylic tanks
including the world-patented Bird’s Eye Aquarium
in our own factory in Yamanashi, JAPAN.