A wide selection of true-to-life virbrant coral decoration
DeCoral Colourful

Bringing colourful life to aquarium

A mix and match of two colours
for the inner and outer parts
delivers captivating colour depth.

DeCoral Natural Shapes

Natural Shapes

Thanks to the diversified colour combination
even DeCoral with the same model
will has unqiue and different appearances from different angles.

DeCoral Fluorescent Colours

True-to-life Fluorescent Colours

By adding fluorescent colours,
DeCoral shines as vivid as life
under the blue LED night mode.

DeCoral Elastic

Elastic and Firm

Staghorn Corals and Gorgonian Corals are
elastic and durable,
while white coral and life rocks are stiff and firm.

DeCoral Different Color Combination

A Broad Range of Colour Selection

You can choose from a wide range of colour selection
from pink, red, orange, yellow, green,
blue, purple, brown and white.

DeCoral Safe for Fish

Safe and Carefree

Made of non-toxic materials
Safe for Fish, Carefree for Owner.
A perfect hiding place for fish.

It is as vivid as life!

Transforming the aquarium into a stylish interior

Everyone will be captivated by the beauty of coral at first sight.
It is, however, difficult to keep it in an aquarium in a closed environment.
In other words, a great deal of time, effort and money has to be spent.

Docrating fish tanks with vibrant DeCoral,
show the magnificence of coral reefs.
Hassle-free aquarium maintenance
Concentrating on the breeding of fish,
Transforming the aquarium into a stylish interior.

※Please note that using chemicals and strong ultraviolet rays in a long run will cause colours to fade.

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Spring Inc.

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