Self-Chasing Camera Shoulder Mount

If I could capture the happy moments on my skiing journey..
If I could check my form to improve my skill..
However, it’s challenging to find friends who ski at the same speed.
It’s scary to get close for filming as it might lead to collisions.
Filming by placing the camera in one spot to capture passing scenes results in a small body in the footage while I have to go back and forth.
Attaching the camera to the helmet results in a big head and it is difficult to see the lower body clearly.
Holding the extended selfie stick with hands while filming makes it difficult to ski freely.
Here comes SNOWBIRD to address all these concerns!

Self-reliant Chasing Shots

With the attachment of an action camera and an extendable selfie stick,
hands-free and powerful third-person perspective filming is possible without relying on others.
Footage is captured up close, allowing a clear view of oneself.

Ideal for filming with Insta360.
The selfie stick disappears, achieving a realistic chasing shot!
Filming is also possible with smartphones and GoPro with suitable attachments.

***Camera and extendable selfie stick are not included.


The arm can be attached to either the right or left shoulder.
6-stage adjustment from front to back, 3-stage adjustment from front to side,
allowing filming from 360 degrees.

A forward-leaning posture is necessary for skiing.
Filming from the side allows a clear check of one’s posture.

***To film from both sides without reattaching the arm, additional purchase of the arm is necessary.

High Performance

Combining a thick acrylic plate with a steel shaft,
it is a remarkably sturdy shoulder mount when attached to the body.
Even with intense skiing movements or a fully extended selfie stick, there is no discomfort.

***For skiing, a stick length of 1m to 1.2m is optimal. A 3m length is too heavy and inconvenient.


Can be attached and detached by oneself. Also suitable for solo use!

Smooth transition getting on and off lifts.
Shortening the selfie stick after skiing, you can ride the lift immediately.
Also, you can start skiing immediately upon extending the selfie stick after getting off the lift.
Fastest filming ever! ***Based on our internal research

Convenient and safe due to hands-free operation.
Acts as a powerful evidence in case of collisions, also serving as a SKI RECORDER.


Operable even with snow gloves,
Allowing camera setup while in motion.

No need for accessories like backpacks.
***If a backpack is necessary for activities like mountaineering, the mount itself can be detached from the original belt and attached to the shoulder belt of the backpack.


Suitable for skiing which requires a forward-leaning posture.
Also for skating, cycling, mountaineering, and more.
***Not suitable for freestyle snowboarders.

Suitable even in places where handheld filming is prohibited.

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