SNOWBIRD 3rd Generation Camera Shoulder Mount

Original price was: ¥8,000.Current price is: ¥7,600. (excl. tax)

Size: M (Waist: 74-91cm), L (Waist: 85-100cm)
Color: Transparent (Mount), Frost (Fastener), Red (Knob), Black (Belt)
Material: Acrylic (Mount, Fastener), Neoprene (Belt), Stainless Steel / Steel (Screw)
Accessories: Belt, Fastener
Origin: Japan
Warranty: 1 Year


No need to rely on others! Hands-free self-following camera shoulder mount. Can be filmed from 360 degrees.

  • By attaching an action camera and an extendable selfie stick, you can capture impressive third-person perspective footage hands-free without relying on others. The footage is taken from a close range, allowing you to see yourself clearly. It’s ideal for active scenes such as skiing, skating, cycling, and hiking! Not suitable for freestyle snowboarders. ***Camera and extendable selfie stick are not included.
  • The arm can be attached to either the right or left shoulder. 6-stage adjustment from front to back, 3-stage adjustment from front to side, allowing filming from 360 degrees. The camera can be set while moving because it can be operated with snow gloves on. ***You can be filmed from the front or sides even for sports that require a forward-leaning posture, such as skiing. ***To film from both sides without reattaching the arm, additional purchase of the arm is necessary.
  • No accessories such as backpacks are necessary. It can be put on and taken off by oneself. No need to put on or take off when getting on or off the lift. In addition, it can be attached to the shoulder strap of a backpack.
  • Insta360 is ideal for filming with SNOWBIRD. The selfie stick disappears, making realistic follow-up shots possible! If you have the attachment, you can also shoot with your smartphone or GoPro. It’s convenient and safe because it’s hands-free. It can be used even in places where hand-held filming is prohibited. It almost feels like you’re not wearing it at all. There’s no discomfort even when the extendable selfie stick is fully extended. ***For skiing, a pole length of 1m to 1.2m is optimal. 3m is too long and can make skiing difficult for both the user and other people around.

– If using for skiing, please note that the arm will be extending from the collar area, so please make sure to wear a neck warmer or take appropriate measures to stay warm.
– Please note that we will not be responsible for any camera detachment, damage, or other issues that may arise from the use of this product. By purchasing this product, you agree to these terms and conditions.


– If you experience any problems with the product, please provide us with images and details of the issue. If we determine that an improvement is necessary, we will send you the necessary parts for free. ***This terms is eligible for local customers only. In case of international shipping, shipping charge is required.

– If you are unable to provide valid proof of purchase, we may refuse to provide warranty and support for the product. Please keep the invoice or receipt issued at the time of purchase of the product carefully.

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M, L


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