Kouroka Lava

The Unique and Exclusive Volcanic Rock from Japan

There are over 100 active volcanoes in Japan. After frequent eruptions, the expelled molten rocks solidified to become solid rocks. Being selected, washed, dried and packed, these lava rocks are available for aquarium use!

Due to the high porosity, volcanic rocks provide shelters for beneficial bacteria to reproduce themselves which assist in water filtration, i.e., lava rock is a perfect choice as a filtrate.

Recently, a Japanese nature-style aquascaping has become the trend. This style is called "Iwagumi", which means "rock formation" in Japanese.

The term Iwagumi was originally used to refer to a Japanese gardening style in which stones were used as the "bones" of the garden to provide its structure - if the stones are well placed in the garden, the rest of the garden lays itself out. Japanese gardens used stones, shrubs and sand to represent landscapes in miniature, emphasizing transience and minimalism as sources of beauty. This tradition has naturally inspired and influenced a lot of aquascapers. Having set a new standard in aquarium layout, Iwagumi is one of the most striking and simple formations, representing a mountainscape or Buddhist triad, so it is well suited to aquascaping.

Being as a practical beauty for aquariums, volcanic rocks are highly acclaimed in the aqua industry nowadays.

Let us present Kouroka Lava - the unique and exclusive volcanic rock from Japan - to all of you.

Movie showing the Porosity of Kouroka Lava by the Capillarity Experiment