Grand Create

Bright LED Aquarium Light

Aquarium lights are selected not only for the benefits of aquarists' viewing pleasure, but the health conditions like stress, activity, coloration and growth of the aquarium fishes, plants, invertebrates and corals.

There are a selection of lights to replicate the lighting conditions of natural habitat in your aquarium. For example, metal halide lamp provides high penetration through deep aquarium, while creating shimmer effect similar to that underwater, but it consumes much electricity while increasing the temperature of the water, which will affect creatures requiring cold water condition. Another example is that T5 has a better energy efficiency than metal halide lamp but it cannot cast shadows in the tank as had by the sun naturally.

Coping with improved technologies, Grand Create is one of those with the greatest energy efficiency while creating a gorgeous shimmering effect for your aquarium. Grand Create provides a series of aquarium LED products including light stand, clip light and LED spotlights of different powers and color combinations. There must be a type that suits the habitat of your aquarium.