Structure of Bird's Eye Aquarium

All-in-one Aquarium Table

Bird's Eye Aquarium is an all-in-one aquarium table, saving space while storing the clumsy parts and cables inside. With exterior in quality material, it transforms the unremarkable space at the bottom of the table into a striking and dazzling aqua display unit, making everyone revel in this charming furniture.

The core part that provides a clear top view of the fish tank. Being made by tempered glass, it is safe to be used as a table top. The frame is being decorated with high quality and durable building material that visualizes a selection of fine texture, offering an elegant outlook of the aquarium coffee table. Removing/Lifting it, aquarium layout can be arranged.

The home of fish. Being made by acrylic, it maximizes the strength, light permeability and warm-keeping ability of the fish tank, while preventing image distortion on a bended/joint surface and decreasing the product weight. Aquarium layout method is almost the same as for any ordinary aquariums, but the focus is on the bird’s eye view.

LIGHT GUTTER * For some models only
The storage space of light - LED strip(s) that brighten(s) the fish tank, located at the surrounding flange of the table.
For some models, it is being replaced by a light box at one side.

ELECTRICAL COMPARTMENT * For some models only
The storage space of power extension socket that consolidates all electrical parts to the power source outside, Fabricated by non-transparent acrylic or decorated with high quality and durable building material that visualizes a selection of fine texture, it allows power cords and plugs to be stored inside the table while extending only one out, providing a decent look of the fish tank table.
Electrical compartment is featured with a cover.

The sump that filters aquarium water, which overflows from viewing tank via piping system to here, where it goes through different filter compartments and is eventually brought back to viewing tank by a water pump via piping system.
The volume of filter space is very close to that of viewing tank, achieving a high level of filtering power. Not only freshwater fish, marine fish, coral or even jellyfish can be kept/grown easily.* May require extra parts
The filter space is featured with cover(s).* For some models only

The water circulation system that drain aquarium water away from viewing tank to filter space by gravity and supply filtered water to viewing tank from filter space by a water pump.

Being laid under the aquarium body, it absorbs unevenness and smoothens the bed for a longer durability of the aquarium.