Bird's Eye Aquarium comes in at least one LED strip, available in the following colour combinations:


AC/DC adaptor, cable&switch set, wire extension cable shall be provided when necessary. 1 piece of AC/DC adaptor can support 4 pieces of LED strips at most.

WATER PUMP * For some countries only

Bird's Eye Aquarium comes in Eheim Compact 1000 water pump in some countries with the following reasons:

  • It is small and can be easily put into the filter space.
  • It can be fully submerged, which can be placed at the bottom of the filter space.
  • Pump output is adjustable according to needs.
  • It is suitable for both fresh and salt water.
  • It is very quiet and uses little electricity.

If other water pumps are preferred, please take reference to the following product specifications:

50Hz 60Hz
Pump Width 54mm 54mm
Pump Height 94mm 94mm
Pump Depth 78mm 78mm
Consumption Power 22W 21W
Pump Flow 160~1010 liter per hour 170~1050 liter per hour
Maximum Lift 2.2m 2.35m

POWER EXTENTION SOCKET * For some countries only

Power extension socket can be placed in the electrical compartment of Bird's Eye Aquarium to consolidate electrical parts. However, due to the compact design of the compartment, a compact power extension socket of 2-3 outlets only is highly recommended.

HEATER * Optional

CHILLER * Optional

AUTO-FEEDER * Optional