This square aquarium coffee table comes in top glass plate, viewing tank, light gutter, electrical compartment, filter space and piping system. Attached parts include 2 pieces of LED strip, an AC/DC adaptor and a switch&cable set.

Once order is placed with deposit, it will take approximately 2 months to deliver the goods.

This aquarium table is available in black and white colours as follows.

Select top colour:

Select body colour:

* There is no side decoration of melamine resin board for this model, which actually reflects the original colour of acrylic in either black or white on its body.

Aquarium Coffee Table - YU 120

A ceaseless gush of dreams bring us to the future.


Yu means gushing water in spring in Japanese. New water is coming out continuously with power. With our persistence of dreams of the future, Bird’s Eye Aquarium is entering a brand new stage.


List Price: ¥457,400
Special Price: ¥395,000
Reference Price: $3,300.00
Product Dimension W120cm x D60cm x H45cm
Product Weight 45kg
Total Water Volume 200L
Tank Water Volume 140L
Recommended No. of Seats 6~8
Packing Size W130cm x D70cm x H65cm
Gross Weight 57kg


  • List price and special price, if any, are shown in Japanese yen excluding tax and delivery. Reference price shows the approximate value in US dollars for easy reference only.
  • Pictures are for reference only. We are improving the product from time-to-time.
  • There may be a small tolerance in product height and weight due to production constraints.
  • Product weight is the total weight of the table aquarium including all attached parts.
  • Total water volume is the maximum water volume including the filter space. Tank water volume is the water volume in the viewing tank only.
  • In some countries, water pump and power extension socket are not attached.
  • Delivery leadtime is an approximation only and is subject to change.
  • Packing information is an approximation only and is subject to change.
  • Spring reserves all rights to add, delete or amend the above information without prior notice.
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