Bird's Eye Aquarium produces a special atmosphere with its aquatic lighting effect. In such an environment, you can absolutely guide your customers to experience something special, differentiating yourselves from others in the industry.

Recommendations: hotels and resorts, restaurants, karaokes, bars & night clubs, cafes and coffee shops
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Bird's Eye Aquarium supplies a clear top view of the inhabitants inside, which amazes anyone who see it. Besides fish, it can be used to display waterproof products inside the table or tableware on top of the table too. The beauty of this aquarium table will surely attract people's attention easily.

Recommendations: public aquariums & zoos, aqua shops and pet shops, event grounds, product displays, location rentals
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Bird's Eye Aquarium inspires us with the love of the nature, including our friends and family. It helps us relax and release from stress, as well as educating children how to care and love others.

Recommendations: hospitals & clinics, caring centers, nursing institutions, relaxation centers, spas & beauty salons, veterinary clinics, schools
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Bird's Eye Aquarium gives us a feeling of luxury. It will definitely increase the value of the properties having it installed.

Recommendations: shopping centers, commercial buildings, club houses, show flats, theme parks, entertainment centers, luxury shops
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Bird's Eye Aquarium provides us comfort when we sit down at the table and watch fish swimming inside the table. It helps to kill customers' time when they are waiting for us, and is a good topic to be used to kick off the serious business conversation.

Recommendations: reception counters, lobbies, waiting rooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms
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Bird's Eye Aquarium fills our lives with a sigh of contentment. Nothing is better than going home after our busy daily work, enjoying the precious moment with our family and love.

Recommendations: households
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