Bird's Eye Aquarium

Handmade-in-Japan aquarium table to be viewed clearly from the top

Bird’s Eye Aquarium is an aquarium table invented, designed and made in Japan. Thanks to the seamless touch between the water surface and the underneath of the top glass plate, it can be viewed clearly from the top, the design of which has been patented in a few countries in the world.

With a huge filter space at the bottom, it enhances the filtering power by acquiring an eco balance system within the aquarium, providing a healthy and cosy environment for water creatures, reducing hassle maintenance of the fish tank, leaving only fun keeping fish.

Its all-in-one design covers all clumsy fish tank accessories and cables. With exterior in quality material, it transforms the unremarkable space at the bottom of the table into a striking and dazzling aqua display unit, allowing the users to use the table while overlooking the elegant underwater world, as if a flying bird overlooking the spectacular ocean from the sky. There is so much fun.

Bird’s Eye Aquarium is a revolutionary table aquarium that is looked from a bird's eye view. It is why it is named.