Spring Inc. & Bird's Eye Aquarium

Only Spring can make Bird's Eye Aquarium

Spring has made the world’s most innovative table aquarium – Bird’s Eye Aquarium – that you’ll find nowhere else.

Bird’s Eye Aquarium is a revolutionary aquarium table. Unlike ordinary ones, it has a crystal clear view on top! Thanks to our own patented technology, once the water pump is on, the water in the fish tank rises all the way to the underside of the tempered glass top, removing the air in between and flattening the water surface. With no image distortion, you can enjoy a clear bird's eye view of the adorable tropical fish and other inhabitants of this unique aqua table.

Patents have been obtained in Japan, China, Australia, Canada, Russia, South Korea, South Africa and Mexico, while the invention is being protected in 148 countries in the world.

3 - patent obtained
2 - application approved / certification in progress
1 - application in progress
0 - invention protected

Japan 5419299 27 November 2013
Australia 2012285183 21 August 2014
South Africa 2013/09269 27 August 2014
Russia 2537567 11 November 2014
Mexico 327149 20 January 2015
South Korea 10-1501417 4 March 2015
Canada 2,838,679 15 March 2016
China ZL 2012 8 0030323.4 16 March 2016
United States US 9,332,740 B2 10 May 2016

Featured with a huge filtering space, Bird’s Eye Aquarium has a high filtering power that allows fish of freshwater or saltwater to live healthily inside the table, leaving a carefree skyview aquatic display of the water or marine world.

Besides the form of a coffee table as a tradition, Bird’s Eye Aquarium can also be made in the form of a bar table, dining table, bar counter or low coffee table in the shape of rectangular, square, round, etc. These options transform this unprecedented fish tank into a remarkable furniture in bar, night club, cafe, coffee shop, restaurant, hotel, resort, public aquarium, zoo, aqua shop, pet shop, event ground, hospital, clinic, kindergarten, school, elderly center, spa, salon, shopping mall, commercial building, club house, show flat, theme park, conference room, reception lobby, waiting room, conference room, meeting room, living room, etc. It gives a feeling of tranquil yet warm, luxury yet everyday to everyone who see it.

Being made-to-order in Japan, Bird’s Eye Aquarium is not only a high-quality aquarium, but a gorgeous piece of furniture that you will be proud to show to your family, friends, customers and associates.

No one makes a table aquarium like Bird’s Eye Aquarium.


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